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Lower Back Pain Treatment Guidelines

So, we all know that lower back pain is a common problem in this world. As a matter of fact about 80% of us have an intimate relationship with lower back pain, at one time or another.

So who do you go to for help with lower back pain? Your chiropractor, physiotherapist, myotherapist?

Well that depends. Pain killers and anti inflammatories can help you very quickly and give temporary relief of pain until you have time to see a chiropractor or physiotherapist. But then who to go to?

If you already have a relationship with a particular Chiropractor or Physio, then your best point of reference is that practitioner. If they can help, then you’r in the right place. But its important that you know what is causing your pain.

Sometimes we get told that we have “sciatica.” What this really

means is that you have pain in the leg along the sciatic distribution. Great so whats causing it?

I have people come in to see me often, giving me various long winded diagnosis. They mostly aren't even sure what their diagnosis means. Don’t get caught up in the medical terminology, it’s just another language to describe your symptoms. Your chiropractor or physiotherapist should be able to explain your condition in normal language that you understand.

Then once you know whats wrong, who do you see?

Recently the American College of Physicians have released new guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic lower back pain. The first two recommendations given by the college are:

Recommendation 1: For acute lower back pain clinicians and patients should select non-pharmacologic treatment first (that means manipulation, acupuncture, massage)

Recommendation 2: For chronic pain clinicians and patients should select non-pharmacologic treatment first with exercise and electro therapies. (that means manipulation acupuncture and massage with exercises and elector therapies)

Recommendation 3: if the first line of therapy doesn’t work then non steroid anti inflammatories can be used.

It appears that the health organisations are seeing only now what our patient’s have seen for many years. But that’s ok research usually sits a few steps behind the front runners. If you have any questions or just looking for a second opinion talk to one of our friendly chiropractors, we would be happy to help.

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