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Chiropractic is the world’s largest natural, non-surgical and medication-free healthcare profession. Doctors of Chiropractic are primary healthcare practitioners meaning that you don’t need a referral for a consultation. Discover Chiropractic – discover how natural healing can be.   The word ‘Chiropractic’ literally means ‘to do by hand’. It has been traced back to the time of the ancient Greeks and early days of medicine. Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, looked to the spine to remove disease. It is a system of healthcare that releases stresses from your body: whether it is due to joint stiffness, muscle tightness/imbalance/de-conditioning, poor nutrition, or the stresses of day to day living. Problems in these areas commonly manifest themselves as pain in our body. Chiropractic has a unique philosophy in that it aims to focus on the cause of your problem. By placing an emphasis on the function of your nervous and musculoskeletal system, allowing the natural healing ability of your body to fight and prevent disease. Our Chiropractors may use a combination of gentle spinal corrections, soft tissue massage, active stretching/strengthening exercises and rehabilitation programs, strapping/taping and physiological therapeutics such as ultrasound, interferential and TENS, just to name a few. ​ Remedial Massage and Myotherapy is the perfect partner to your Chiropractic care. Should it be necessary, your Chiropractor can incorporate massage into your treatment plan to get you feeling better as quickly as possible. ​ With our continuous drive to be at the forefront of musculoskeletal treatments we have now expanded the practice to incorporate new and exciting therapy's such as Low Level Laser Therapy and Spinal Decompression.    ​

A chiropractor showing a patient where the problem in her spine is
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