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Improve Sporting Performance

We Often see people from the local gym, football club and basketball club all looking for the same thing. Less injuries and better perfomance. 


At the templestowe Family Chiro we first like our clients to understand that injuries can happen. They often happen the those weekend warriors more often that elete athletes. 


Injury management. 

By utilising equipment such as the shockwave machine we have had a great deal of success when dealing with the likes of tendonitis and chronic injuries. Ultrasound thereapy is often a good way to reduce inflammation and improve recovery. 


Regular chiropractic adjustments aim to achieve normal movement of the spine and joints. Along with correct muscle acitvation we believe that we can help prevent many injuries. But again we are there when you do injur yourself with a variety of techniques that give us and you the edge on your recovery. 

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