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Posture Correction

Posture is and always been a very important thing to many people. Improving your posture not only helps with improving the way you look and feel but can have important effects on your spine and overall health. We know that when you are feeling tired and upset that your posture begins to slump forward. We expect that if a person is sad that they have posture whereby they have a stoop and slump. 

Did you know that while your at your desk for eight hours a day you in exactly that same posture. Research has been done for quite some time now on the effects of forward head posture. not only to improve the way you look but to improve your general health and even lower back pain. 

At the Templestowe Family Chiro we will take digital posture photos of you on your first visit and talk to you about how your posture can ben helped with gentle manipulation of the spine and ribs, exercises, and the help of a posture device. Who knows it may help your lower back pain in the meantime. 

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