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Lower Back Pain

It is estimated that approximately 85% of the population will experience low back pain at some stage of their lives, while 70% of the world’s population will experience at least one episode of disabling episode of low back pain in their lives.  Despite its prevalence, it is by no means normal to be experiencing any level of pain.  Due to the complexity of the spine, people often don’t realise what they are doing that may be exacerbating their problem.  Low back pain is most commonly experienced in people between 30-50 years, however it is by no means limited to this age group.  Whether it be from those with an active lifestyle and physical jobs, to those with more sedentary and office jobs, it is a complaint that most of our patients see us with.  It does not have to be something that has arisen from an isolated event, as quite often patients describe it as a gradual increase in pain.  At the Family Chiro, we focus not only on reducing your pain, but also identifying factors in your lifestyle that may be aggravating your symptoms.

Low Back Pain Symptoms


Low Back Pain can present itself in many different ways.  Depending on the cause, it can be perceived as being sharp, dull or throbbing.  In some cases, people refer to it as a vague discomfort rather than pain, with tightness in the joints and muscles. Occasionally, it may  travel into the buttocks, legs or feet.

Low Back Pain Diagnosis


Because low back pain can arise from many different factors, your Chiropractor will perform a full history and evaluation for your symptoms to determine the cause.  It may be necessary to order other tests such as x-rays, CT scans or MRI to fully confirm a

Low Back Pain Causes

Of the many causes of low back pain, the most common are:

Vertebral dysfunction/inflammation (namely the facet joints)

Muscular tightness/strain

Lumbar disc bulge

Degenerative joint disease

Of course, causes are by no means limited to this list and should be discussed with your Chiropractor.

Low Back Pain Treatments


There are a number of treatment options available to low back pain sufferers.  These include Non-Steroidal Anti-inflammatory medication to electrotherapy stimulation, mobilisation and manipulation, massages, exercises and stretches.  Each has a different goal and effect, therefore, we recommend you discuss these with your Chiropractor before you commence any treatment so that you may achieve the best short and long term benefits.

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