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Headaches And Migraines

Some Facts About Headache

• 85% of the population have experienced headache within the last year and up to 35% of adults will have had a headache in the last two weeks

• Many headaches previously considered to be tension headaches are related to mechanical disorders of the cervical spine or other structures

• Drug induced headaches are common more common in people that regularly use analgesics for pain relief.

• 5% of children suffer from migraine by the age of 11 years.

• Eye strain is not a common cause of headache.


Headaches can be categorised into a number of types. These include: Cervicogenic Headache, Tension headache, Migraine headache, Cluster Headache, Drug-rebound headache

Headaches can be a very different experience from person to person. While many people think of a headache as a simple ‘ache’, it has the potential to be a much more debilitating condition. The nature of the pain can be described as: Dull throbbing, Sharp and piercing, Tightness surrounding the head, Localised to one side, the back or the front of the head


Associated symptoms may include Visual changes (e.g. blurry vision, flashing lights) Sensitivity to light or sound Nausea Dizziness Watering or redness of your eyes


Quite often, diagnosis of your headache can be made from your history. Your current stress levels, blood pressure, and medications are all taken into consideration. Furthermore, your Chiropractor will assess your joints, muscles and ligaments to determine whether they are a contributing factor to your pain.

Of the many causes of headaches and migraine, the most common are: Neck tension, Stress, Diet/Dehydration and Fatigue


There are many treatment options available for headache and migraine sufferers. Depending on the cause, it often includes a combination of mobilisation and manipulation, massage, exercises and stretches, stress release techniques, nutritional advice and medication. With each having a different goal and effect, it is important to discuss with your Chiropractor which of these may be right for you.

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